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10th Anniversary Celebration

Ten years ago this month, The Village had its Grand Opening within the newly renovated J.C. Penney building. Cathy Lloyd, a long time Washington resident, had a vision of being able to offer individuals in the community a way to start their own business without the usual risk and expense of going it alone. Renovations began in 2006 and within a couple of years the building was separated into several units which now houses The Chamber of Commerce, JP's 207, People's Capital Management, and The Village, along with modern apartments on the 2nd floor. A big empty space was transformed into a charming, village-like courtyard surrounded by several shops, each offering unique merchandise. To see the timeline of this transformation, check out Mary Patterson's blog:

Sadly, Cathy passed away in June 2016 from ovarian cancer. Shop owners Char, June and Jenn took over ownership and have continued the successful business that she began a decade ago.

Village owners: Char Andersen, Jenn Bontrager & June Henderson

We will be having a drawing at the end of July. Each participating shop will have a drawing jar. Below is the merchandise you can win!

We are also having a 3-day celebration beginning Thursday, July 12. We will have a table at the Farmers Market from 5-7 pm -- come visit us for a gift! Some merchandise will be on display along with a bouquet of balloons that can be popped for a coupon. Also, from 5-7 pm, there will be free face painting in front of the The Village.

All 3 days we will have balloons inside the store that can be popped at checkout. Refreshments will be served!


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and see some of her amazing creations!

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